Mike Adcock


In The Case Of Darkness – MIKE ADCOCK


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  • Label: 33Records
  • Release: 02 Jul, 2009
  • Catalog No: 33WM146

An album of ten original compositions performed by:

Mike Adcock – piano, accordion

Simon Adcock violin, theremin

Chris Cundy – soprano sax, contrabass clarinet

Graham Goffee Р acoustic guitar

Beth Porter Рcello  

Stuart Wilding – percusssion

“It’s bloody marvellous”



  • Afterthought

  • Cold Enough For Snow

  • The Old Year

  • In The Case Of Darkness

  • Dundas

  • Lille Julaften

  • Kanada

  • Waiting For Kirkby

  • Opening Page

  • One Remaining