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The website has been out of action for quite a while, due to a number of technical issues but now it’s back, coinciding with the release of a new Mike Adcock album The Ludwig Variations (more information below) and there’s more that still needs to be updated – other releases,[…]

The Ludwig Variations

The Ludwig Variations is a new album, released in October 2020 Back in March 2020, soon after the start of the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK, Mike recorded a series of improvisations on his century old Ludwig accordion whose creaks and croaks, rattles and wheezes present a challenge which others[…]

In search of Dan Da and the Mekong – Lithophones in Vietnam

Originally published in fRoots magazine under the title ‘Stoned Folk’ Anyone interested in early folk instruments should really start looking at lithophones. They certainly don’t come any older. The word “lithophone” doesn’t actually appear in the Oxford dictionaries, but its meaning is pretty clear: litho = stone > phone =[…]

A wedding in Hardanger

This piece was written for the book Eye & Ear (Schott 2004) in which Christoph Wagner invited a range of musicians and writers to each write a commentary on a postcard depicting musicians. The book also contained a CD with early recordings complementing the images.  The occasion is a wedding[…]

Musical Memories

This was written in response to an old school friend who shared an email about his early musical memories.  What I have written was not intended for publication but gave me the chance to document some records that had a formative influence. I sometimes think back to records I liked[…]